Maternity | wedding photographer in Toronto


Cafe background | wedding photographer in Toronto

The perfect harmony between vintage and modern. The background will take you back to the days of dating and warm romance. We want to capture the moments of loving eyes, warm touch, and chemistry of the couples.  The large windows captures beautiful sunlight, there will always great natural lighting in […]


Cuban Wall | wedding photographer in Toronto

Cuban Wall – Our vision for the next wall is based on one of our favourite vacation destinations, Cuba! We wanted to bring that little piece of cuban feel back to our studio, and make you feel like you were just on that trip. The vibrant yellow wall with the […]


Mini Cafe | wedding photographer in Toronto

This is a photoshoot that does not happen everyday, and it is our goal to make you comfortable. Don’t worry, our mini cafe is stocked with refreshments for the couple to freshen them up. Just come in with your loved one ready to a special day, and leave the rest […]


Flower background | wedding photographer in Toronto

Elegant Flower Background – This background will be a signature concept of Ciel Wedding. Pure white background and coral  flowers will make the bride stand out look looking lovely. Her smile captured will be the brightest, and sweetest in the room, making her fit right in. The magical background is paired […]


Exposed wall | wedding photographer in Toronto

Vintage background –  Vintage never goes out of style, and it is almost ready in our studio! The rough, exposed concrete wall, and sunset shining through the window makes a dreamlike scene. You can expect lots of natural lighting, long dresses with breathtaking embodied laces and beaded details to make […]


Hollywood vanity | wedding photographer in Toronto

Hollywood Vanity- The Hollywood Vanity is coming together very well. Having this mirror automatically adds a glamorous feel to the photos. We want our brides to feel like they are on the set of a new hit Hollywood movie. We can not wait for our brides to come and in […]


Infinity wall | wedding photography in Toronto

Infinity Wall – We are in the process of finishing our infinity wall, and just like the name there is an endless amount of possibilities with this background.  The wall creates a sleek, clean finish which never goes out of style. We are excited to use this wall to create […]


Grand opening new wedding studio

Grand opening new wedding studio in April. We are currently in the process of making our studio perfect to capture your special moment. The studio is a huge space filled with various stunning backgrounds, one that will definitely fit your taste. The space includes a 19ft high ceiling, changing rooms, […]